Cyprus Passion

Vizakia Beach, located near the renowned Cavo Maris hotel in Protaras, Famagusta is a coastal gem that offers visitors an exquisite seaside experience. One of the standout features of Vizakia Beach is its crystal clear waters, which are known for their unparalleled transparency. The pristine and shimmering azure hues of the Mediterranean Sea are a true spectacle to behold.

What sets Vizakia Beach apart from other popular beaches in the area is its secluded nature. While Protaras is known for its vibrant and bustling atmosphere, Vizakia Beach provides a serene and tranquil escape. Nestled within its vicinity are small bays that offer a quieter and less crowded setting for those seeking a more intimate beach experience. These secluded coves allow visitors to unwind and relax in a peaceful environment, away from the larger crowds.

For those who desire refreshments or a quick bite to eat, Vizakia Beach boasts a variety of nearby coffee shops and cafes. One such establishment is the Kafeneio of Cavo Maris, situated within close proximity to the beach. This charming coffee shop not only serves a delightful selection of beverages, but it also offers a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine sipping a refreshing cold frappe while gazing out at the vast expanse of the glistening waters—it’s an experience that truly captivates the senses.

Whether you are seeking the allure of crystal clear waters, the charm of secluded bays, or the pleasure of enjoying a beverage with a breathtaking view, Vizakia Beach in Protaras, near the Cavo Maris hotel, is an idyllic destination that promises a memorable coastal experience.

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