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Tzelefos bridge is one of many Venetian bridges in Cyprus and can be found in the forest area of Agios Nikolaos village in Paphos. The altitude of the forest location is around 440 meters and you can reach the bridge either from Paphos, Troodos mountains or Limassol.

This is the largest Venetian bridge built in Cyprus and also one of the most well-known out of the four. The river Diarizos flows under the bridge and the river has water all year round but the level of the water changes throughout the seasons.

The bridge has one arch, is made of stone and is 30m long and 3.2m width.  It also has a height of 6m over the river below and note that even uprooted trees from the gushing waters of the river do not get stuck under it. The bridge was built using the stones found from the river and the river banks.  If you look carefully on the south side of the bridge there is a small cross on a stone which is just barely visible. You will also notice waiting points on both sides of the bridge which reveals that there was once heavy traffic over the bridge.

There are also fish in the river that passes below. You will find carps for sure but back in the day there were also eels. The locals from the surrounding villages would go and place baskets in the river and they would collect eels.

Pure serenity is what you feel when you are here at the bridge. The sound of the water of the river gushing downstream, the sound of the forest and even the creatures around make for a relaxing experience. Many locals and tourist picnic here too. There are benches to sit and take in the magic of the beauty around you, however there are no picnic tables so make sure to pack a blanket to sit on if you want to picnic here.

Tzelefos bridge was part of many camel paths which all came to this point. Tzelefos bridge was then the main connection to Paphos.  This bridge was actually helping provide the villages of the region with all their needs. It was the linking bridge to serve them all.

It is the most popular bridge in Cyprus and most photographed too. Many are those who go to take their wedding photos seeing as it is so scenic all year round. The walk up to the bridge is also picturesque and if you follow the trail, you will see the natural beauty of Cyprus.

During ancient time this bridge was actually known as Vokaros which means ‘separating’. After this name there were many changes to the name such as Kelefos which means ill or shell.

When visiting the beautiful venetian bridge Tzelefos make sure to pack your camera and wear appropriate shoes. Don’t forget to enjoy the walk to and from the bridge and if you have time, pack some food to enjoy once you are there. Absorb all the magnificent beauty from the landscapes around you and the bridge itself.

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