Cyprus Passion

In the center of Cyprus lies the heart of nature, Troodos Mountains. The highest point in the mountain range is Mount Olympus which is found at 1952 meters. Although Troodos is in the center of Cyprus it mostly ranges toward the western side of the island.

Many of the oldest trees in the world are found in Troodos area. The Troodos forest is full of many varieties of trees, flora and fauna, but also many nature hikes, treks and trails to explore. During winter there is snow and activities like skiing and snowboarding and then during the summer there are hikes, picnic areas and even waterfalls to help stay cool.

Milllomeri waterfalls

There are also agro tourism places to stay a few days to give yourself a chance to see as much as possible. These mountains are a Cypriots retreat in the hot summer months and during winter it becomes a place to go and relax and have fun in the snow.

The most interesting fact about Troodos mountains is that they are known worldwide due to its geology and what is found in the earth. Apparently there is Ophiolite in this area which scientist can use to research and they do so without having to go into the sea. Another interesting fact about the mountains here are that Troodos houses one of the five most copper rich areas found worldwide.

You will find many villages all around the Troodos areas which you can stay at. Some of these picturesque villages are Kakopetria, Platres, Pelendri, Pedoulas, Foini, Pera Pedi, Koilani and Omodos.  You will also find that Kalopanagiotis village and Pano Panagia are also very beautiful to stay at.

Troodos mountains is the heart of the forest area of Cyprus. For this reason, there are many rivers and trail hikes to be explored! A few of the rivers you can visit and explore are Pedios river, Diarizos river and Marathasa river.

As for those looking for some nature trail hikes, try the Marathasa river hike, Atlanti Trail loop, Kalidonia waterfall hike and Persephone Hiking trail. There are many different levels of hikes to suit everyone’s expertise level. Be sure to always wear the appropriate gear for hikes and make sure to protect nature. Beautiful atmosphere with natural fauna and flora can be found all along the rivers and hikes, which make for a wonderful experience of Cypriot nature.

After a beautiful hike or a river exploration you will be sure to build an appetite. For lunch or dinner, you should eat at traditional taverns found in the beautiful villages mentioned above. Local cuisine with fresh local produce cooked in the small traditional taverns and restaurants in the villages. It will be the most authentic and tasty food you will have.

So, you see these mountains are not only rich in history but also in nature and what it has to offer everyone!

Places to visit in Troodos Mountains