Cyprus Passion

Throni Hill translates to Throne Hill, this is because this is where the tomb of Archbishop Makarios III resides. It is also where the procession of Virgin of the Rain takes place. The hill is found just 3km north west from the Kykkos Monastery and is on rough mountain top at an altitude of 1450 meters.

It is directly connected to the monastery and in times of drought the fathers of the Kykkos Monastery would pray to the holy icon for rain. This is how the Virgin of Kykkos got the name of Virgin of the Rain. This is how they came of the custom of the procession they carry the icon up to Throni Hill, place her on the wooden throne and pray for the drought to end.  

Throni hill

During 1935 the original wooden throne for the Virgin Mary was replaced by a gorgeous structure that was designed by a local architect, Philippos Loizou. The design was of a beautiful canopy held by four poles. Also, for easier access a road was constructed in 1959 which was 2km long.

This place was actually chosen by the first president of Cyprus in order to build his tomb. It is part underground and part over ground and is found a few meters down from the top of Throni mountain.

The current construction of Throni was the newest construction which was done in 2011, since the previous one was demolished. The new structure was built in a way to combine the elements of the Byzantine and modern architecture. It is an octagon shape and has a copper statue of Jesus and the Virgin Mary but also the apostles and prophets too.

throni hill

At the entrance of the Throni Hill you are greeted by the bronze statue of Makarios which was moved here in 2008 from the Archbishop’s Palace in Nicosia. This is actually to the north of Throni Hill and was specially designed as a square at the entrance. You will then make your way along the path. You will see the circular path that takes you to Makarios Tomb and then there is another pathway that takes you to the hill top where the Throni is. There is also another pathway that takes you to the Monastery. All along these paths you are surrounded by the wonderful forest and mountain views of Troodos.

An important number of mosaic compositions were arranged all along the length of the pathway to adorn the way up or down. You will also find icon both left and right along the path leading up to the top of Throni. Take in the structures with the white pillars and stone build walls along the path. All these element allows visitors to admire some religious history and cultural designs from Cyprus.

While visiting you may decide to also visit the wishing tree found here. This is a tree where people tie a piece of cloth with a message in hopes that the Virgin Mary will grant the wish. This is how these trees get their names as wishing trees.

Once at the top of the mountain embrace the spectacular 360° views of endless mountains, valleys, trees, skies, clouds and nature. Find a spot to sit and take it all in, the clean fresh mountain air and the beauty of mother nature.

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