Cyprus Passion

The Venetian Bridge which is estimated to have been constructed in the 16th century, is located in Kalopanayiotis village in the valley of Marathassa in the Troodos range. The bridge passes over the Setrachos River just below the Monastery of Ioannis Lambadistis and it was used to link the village with the monastery, the first primary school and the surround farm area. Legend says that at a point close to the Vatican bridge, the Apostles Paul and Barnabas baptized Saint Heraklion.

Cyprus was an overseas possession of the Republic of Venice from 1489 until 1570-1571 when the island was occupied by the Ottoman Empire.

Every 6th of January, ”Theofania”, the baptism of the Cross takes place on the Venetian bridge. Following the Christening, ”loukoumades” are offered at the monastery square. The day we visited the Bridge, there was an increased flow of water in the Setrachos River since a rainfall was preceded. This created some beautiful sceneries as you can see from our photographs and videos.

You should also know that this Venetian Bridge is just one of many in Cyprus. In fact the most well-known Venetian Bridge is Tzielefos Bridge in the Paphos mountain range. If you love nature and hikes then you should definitely check of these bridges in Cyprus!

Some of the other Bridges are called Roudia Bridge, Treis Elies Bridge, Mylos Bridge and Milia Bridge. The first three mentioned are actually close to each other and are in the Paphos District, whereas the last one is found near Platres Village.

The Venetian Bridge in Kalopanayiotis village

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