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Edro III shipwreck can be found just off the rocks near the sea caves of the Norwest coast of Paphos in Peyeia village. The ship EDRO III was a cargo ship that was leaving from Limassol heading to Rhodes on the 8th of October 2011.

The vessel is 83 meters long and weighs around 2300-2500 tons and is laying on an angle of 12 degree’s just near the sea caves. It was built in Norway in 1966 and was registered at Freetown in Sierra Leone.

During the voyage the cargo ship made a stop in Limassol and then continued its course to Rhoads but the bad weather in Cyprus caused the ships accident. The very strong winds and the rough seas made it hard for the crew of nine to navigate the ship. Due to this Edro III ran aground and got stuck on the rocks near the sea caves. The cargo aboard was Plasterboard which was supposed to be delivered to Rhodes.

The removal of all diesel, hydrocarbons and marine pollutants that were aboard were completed in October 2013. Also due to the nature of the danger involved with these substances no one is allowed on the ship.

Edro III has since become an attraction for all in Cyprus. There is even a venue for events just a few miles from the location which offers amazing views. There are daily tours around the area for tourist and you can also visit on your own.  The amazing photos your will take during sunrise or sunset are breathtaking and magical.

As for the divers who love to explore, well there is definitely something for all divers to see here. The dive here starts near the wreck and has depths of just 5 meters. You will find parts of the wreck scattered around on the seabed while the propellers are still attached and which now has a huge whole on the starboard side. If you peek inside you will see that there are still forklifts which were there to help with the cargo.

If you go towards the anchor of the ship, you will be led to two different reefs. One takes you to a large sea cave while the other one will take you to a gully at 18meters. There is also an abundance of marine life around the ship as it provides shelter to many species. You will most likely see Dusk Grouper, Salema, sea urchins and sand smelt too.

Edro III has been a huge attraction for locals and tourists all year round and you should take the chance to see it while we still can. Since they have not quite figured out how to remove it safely yet, it remains there for us to see for as long as it will be there for.

Whether you are an explorer of the sea or just want to see something magical you will need to visit this place. You will see the beauty of nature and of course capture some amazing shots either above or below the sea.

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