Cyprus Passion

Panagia Lambadiotissa is found on the peak of the hill ‘’Koroni’’ in Mitsero village. Mitsero is a village in the district of Nicosia and is situated about 28 kilometres southwest from the town. Due to the fact that the chapel is located a little lower from the peak of the hill ”Koroni” it gives panoramic views to Mitsero and other nearby villages.​

The small chapel dedicated to Panagia Lambadiotissa was built by residents of the village, after a certain vision. It is said that a man from the village, in his dream had a vision that someone woke him up and showed him where to find gold liras. In the morning, along with other villagers, he went to that point and dug until they found the gold liras. By using the money they found, they decided to build a chapel dedicated to the Virgin.​

The construction of the Church began in 1966. North of the church, there are steps which take you to a natural source which flows abundant Holy Water. Both the chapel and its Holy Waters attract hundreds of visitors every month, therefore the chapel’s doors are always open.

As we mentioned, the chapel receives dozens of visitors every year and for this reason the door of the church is always open. This gave us the opportunity to lit a candle and take a picture from the inside of the chapel which you can see on the right (if you visit the chapel please make sure to blow out your candles before you leave if you lite any)