Cyprus Passion

Agios (Saint) Raphael church is found in the village of Pachyammos which is located in the Paphos region. It was actually built on an area that difficult battles had taken place during 1964.

The church was built here after a miracle that had occurred to a resident of Pachyammos. Ever since then many visit and pay their respects to Saint Raphael by bringing charms and ‘λαμπάδες’, which are large candles. Many people pray to Saint Raphael to help heal them of what it is they are having problems with. Some pray to get pregnant while other pray to regain their health. Over the year many say they have witnessed the miracle of healing and come to bring an offering. This is why you can see the silver tags on the main icon or the big candles lit up.

The church overlooks the glorious beach and sea below and has a huge yard all around it. There are also two monuments as memorials to those who fought in battle and lost their lives. One is of a soldier and the other represents the lost souls that died during battle.

When entering the church please be respectful and cover up and also be aware that there may be people inside praying too.

The interior of the Church will mesmerize you just as the exterior and its surroundings. Walking into the church you can feel the grandness and the calm and peacefulness. You will see wood carvings and framing of the icons that adorn the whole interior of the temple. Even the walls and roof are fully painted of hagiographies. The intricate detail on the carvings, the paintings and even the small details on the columns inside will make you appreciate the small details in everything.

Photograph: emily_in_cy (Instagram)

Stepping back outside you can sit and take in the cool breeze under the shade of the tree and just listen to the sea, waves and the birds chirping. Buy a coffee of iced cold drink from the café near the entrance and sit and relax. Take in the breathtaking views and soak in the sun.

Saint Raphael celebrates just 2 days after the Greek Orthodox Easter.

The magnificent view from the churchyard. Photograph: emily_in_cy (Instagram)

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