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Platres, also known as Pano Platres is a village located in the mountains of Cyprus in the Limassol District. You will find the village on the southern slopes of Troodos mountains and is amongst the wine villages. Troodos square is just a short 5km from the village. The city of Limassol is 25km and Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus is 45km from Platres village.

This village is a very old village with references among 119 village during the Lusignan Era dated back to 1192-1489AD. Also, the Venetian Era 1489-1571AD. The population of the residence of the village is only around 300 but during tourist season it goes up to 10000.

The village got its name ‘Pano’ Platres at a later stage when the village of Tornarides that was just a few km to the southwest of Platres was re-names to Kato Platres. This was when the village Platres changed to Pano Platres. Pano means up and Kato means down, so basically the upper Platres and the Lower Platres village. Locals still till today refer to the village as just Platres.

platres village

History of Platres Village

The Village started out with shepherds and wine growers but later people started to add orchards and produced other fruit such as cherries, apples, pears, peaches and more.

Later on in the early 20th century many tried their had at the booming tourism industry. Since it was a popular village for the cooler temperatures in the summer. This village soon became a retreat away from the heat and the network of hotels, cafes, side walks all played a great part in this.

Over these many years, Platres has been notable for the reputation of its guests such as King Faruk of Egypt and the Nobel Prize winning poet Georgios Seferis. The King actually stayed at the Forest Park Hotel, which is still open today. The very same hotel is the famous British writer Daphne du Maurier wrote most of her novel Rebecca.

These are only some of the reasons Platres was recently called the Village of Kings and Poets.

platres village house
platres troodos

What to do in Platres and what to see

As mentioned, Platres is a village which attracts many tourists every year and for good reason. The hotels and walkways, cafes, bars, restaurants and shops are just the few things that attract people here. With the numerous taverns, bars, restaurants you will taste the traditional cuisine of Cyprus and also have a relaxing time later with drinks. So many places to try the food, desserts and of course drinks too.

There are a variety of places to stay in the beautiful village, not only are there hotels but there are some pretty homes which were converted to holiday rentals.

During the summer months this place is a cool retreat from the sunny and humid coastal areas of Cyprus. However, Platres is also a very nice retreat for the winter as there is skiing to be done on the Troodos Mountains. So, whether its winter or summer, spring or autumn Platres has so much to offer.

platres village cyprus

There are many nature trails which start from the village along with Troodos Cycling routes and hiking trails too. One of the most well-known hiking trails is Kallidonia Fall which leads you to a wonderful waterfall. Another famous trail is the Millomeri trail which too leads to Millomeri waterfall.

There is a sports center in the village which includes a mini football, basketball, tennis, football pitch, handball, bicycle center and also a spa and wellness center.

A beautiful old landmark which is still standing today is the Milia Bridge which is found just below the village. A historic Medieval bridge which was used to connect the river banks of the Krios Potamos river.

Even the old market place of the village was renovated during the past couple of years in order to allow for a cultural center to be hosted. This center hosts exhibitions, seminars, conferences, plays, concerts and also plays projector videos and movies.

Millomeri waterfall
Millomeri Waterfall

Thinking about what the kids could do here at the village apart from all the above-mentioned places? Well, there is a rope adventure park for the kids and adults too. It is the Sparti Adventure Rope Park, which allows you and your family to be in nature in a little less traditional way. You walk around the trees on wooden platforms and ropes.

This special village Platres has also some very special products for you to try. A one-of-a-kind soap factory which also produces cosmetics which are exclusively of natural origin. Using the surrounding nature they make soaps with lavender, geranium, rosemary, black pine, cypress and so much more.

Sparti Adventure Rope Park


Platres has four churches. Panagia Faneromeni Church which was built in 1880 also the little chapel of Panagia Faneromeni which was once the main chapel of the village. Then there is the Chapel of Panagia Samatziotissa (Iamatiki) which is dedicated the virgin Mary Iamatiki and lastly the Agios Nikolaos Chapel which a newer build. This chapel was built in 1995 upon the ruins of an ancient monastery

Events in Platres village

During the summer holidays in Cyprus and more specifically on the 15th of August every year there are many festivities taking place. This day is celebrated all around Cyprus and is a Public Holiday, we celebrate the Assumption Day is also known as the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Basically a 2-day event full of music, food, games and excursions. There is a game of BINGO, a hike and then a party afterwards and even dancing. Throughout the 2 days there is plenty of food, street food, drinks, desserts, products to buy like the soaps and Cypriot sweets.

 As you can see, this beautiful village Platres has a variety of things for you to see, do and experience. From nature trails to chilling in the village at your hotel or traditional style rental home you are sure to experience the true essence of being in a Cyprus village.

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