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Pissouri village can be found in the Limassol district and is the third largest. It is between Limassol and Paphos and is around 152meters above sea level and is just 3km from the sea.

The village got it’s name from the word ‘pissa’ which is the resin from the pine trees that grow locally. This pissa was said to have been produced during the Byzantine and Frankish rule. It was originally known as Piseeri and later on Pissa.

There are eight hiking trails in Pissouri that cross this the mountain sides that offer some really amazing views. Four out of the 8 trails are open to both hiking on foot and bikes. For those who want to bike and don’t have a bike, no problem, there are bikes for hire here too!

Pissouri is a stunning village with many taverns, pubs, cafes and even banks, restaurants and more. The main square in actually the main meeting place for locals and tourists where they spend their free time, shopping or dining. This is where the village also hosts many events for all to come and enjoy. The whole community comes together with these events and the community council even provides free WIFI. There is even an open-air amphitheater where special events also take place. The views from the amphitheater are breathtaking.

Some of the Agriculture found at Pissouri village is grapes which are both for raisins and sultanas. You will also find delicious Halloumi cheese made form cow, goat and ewe milk. Pissouri was once part of a small port that exported carobs in the Medieval times. The stone-built Carob warehouse is still there but has been converted into a home and a restaurant.

Now the Pissouri Bay is just on the south part of the old village and is a tourist resort area. The golden sand, colourful pebbles along with the crystal-clear waters are just breathtaking. The cape ‘Aspro’ are stunning cliffs that are protecting the beach.

There are a variety of hotels including luxury five star hotels with many restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. They also have shops for tourists and locals to shop at. So, visit for lunch or dinner and then do some shopping, drop by the beach and take in the salty sea air and relax.

Water sports are also available at the beach and some sports you can find are windsurfing, waterski, sailing and more. There are two changing rooms, public toilets and even clean showers and other free coastal facilities. Lifeguards are present at the beach and public parking along with public walking access to get to the beach.

Pissouri village celebrates in September in honour of Saint Andrew which is the Village’s church. The Church is Apostolos Andrea and is located in the village center near the square.

This beautiful village has much to offer, from amazing picturesque views to friendly people, local food and even shopping. You must make sure to allow a few day to visit and experience everything the village has to offer. Explore, taste and enjoy the atmosphere Pissouri has.

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