Cyprus Passion

Larnaca is most famous for its Finikoudes Promenade but Larnaca also has another promenade linking from Finikoudes. This promenade is Piale Pasha, named after the Commanding General of the Ottoman Army and Navy. Piale Pasha General came to the city Larnaca in 1571. Piale Pasha Promenade was actually the first seafront street in Larnaca and later on in the 19th century the city expanded to Finikoudes. The promenade starts from the Medieval Castle of Larnaca and runs all the way to McKenzie area.

Finikoudes promenade connects smoothly with Piale Pasha from around the Medieval Castle which has two pathways. One pathway takes you around the Castle from the street side while the other takes you around the Castle from the sandy beach side. During night time these two pathways are lighted up but lighting on the ground which showcases the Castle and the beach too.

The pathway then takes you along a journey, showing you old style homes, restaurants, cafes, fish taverns on the side of the street. While on the other side of the pathway is the beach and sea. You will find many cyclists, people running, jogging, walking and even fishing also the pathway. 

Piale Pasha was upgrade in 2014 and this new face of the promenade has enhanced the usage as they have made 2 walkways. One on the street level and the other on a lower level that feels like you’re walking at water level. These two pathways are partitioned with glass panes that allow you to see on both paths.

Once you walk past the fish taverns, restaurants and cafes, you will come across the old Turkish-Cypriot neighbourhood. Here you can walk in the neighbourhood and explore more. You will find bars, snack shops, traditional workshops of local artists, traditional architecture and even a park. If you continue along the promenade, you will then come across a small picturesque fishing harbour known as ‘Psarolimano’. Here are also some finish taverns which then leads to the McKenzie area where you will find the beach, watersports and also ice-cream shops, hotels and much more.

As you can see Finikoudes Promenade is at the beginning of Larnaca’s main promenade strip, then it connects to Piale Pasha and this then connects to McKenzie. Piale Pasha showcases so many parts of the old neighbourhood but also some wonderful views of the sea.

A dawn jog or a sunset stroll will show the golden hour beauty of this place which is amazing for great photo opportunities but also to relax and take it all in. Weather you go for a walk alone or with friends or family you will be amazed at just how much there is to see, do and places to choose from. So go, shop drink and chill by the sea and enjoy these magnificent views all along Piale Pasha promenade!

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