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Peyia village is one of the largest villages found in the district of Paphos. It is located on the steep costal slopes of the hill from Coral Bay at the south of the Akamas Peninsula. Peyeia became an independent municipality in 1994 and is found at an altitude of 200 meters. Paphos city center is around 15km away and the villages boarders with Kissonerga, Akoursos, Kathikas and Pano & Kado Arodes.

Peyia is also written as Pegeia. The name derived from the Latin word Baia which means Bay. This is due to the fact that the village is so close to Coral Bay. This combined with the rich history of the Venetians and also Ottomans makes the most sense about how the village got its name.

The villagers back in the day had to collect water from the local spring known as the Vrysi. This was also like a meeting area for young men and women to collect water in their clay vases and take back home. It was thought that the rich spring water actually made the women beautiful and they even made songs about this. Some of these songs are still sung today.

Currently Peyeia has a large population of British expats and continues to grow in numbers. In the village center you will find a police station, the town hall, many small shops, restaurants, cafes, Saint George church and banks.  You can also find taverns serving traditional meze, traditional cafes and also beautifully themed restaurants and cafes too.

The village covers a great stretch of land from the Peyia forest all the way to sea side where you can find the amazing sea caves. Unique views of the sunset at the sea cave are one of the favourite spots for locals and tourists alike.  The seashore covers a stretch of 20 meters and you will see many rocks and tall rock formations too.

A pretty yet old church can be found amongst the municipality gardens which are surrounded by fragrant trees. This is a popular place for weddings and baptisms. Locals come to spend time in the gardens, attend church for wedding or baptisms, see the old watering station and wander around the village center.

peyia sea caves paphos

If you are more into wine tasting then a short drive to Kathikas will surely amaze you. Taste the local wines and enjoy the local atmosphere. Other places you may like to visit while in Peyeia are Coral Bay, Paphos Zoo, Avakas Gorge and Edro Shipwreck.

A mix of traditional and modern houses can be found all across the village. This can also be found in the many holiday homes available for tourists and locals to stay in. These homes combined with the taverns, shops, cafes and location make for a wonderful holiday experience.

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