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Pedoulas village is found in the Troodos mountains in the Nicosia District, at an altitude of 1100 meters. It is in the Marathasa Valley just 4 kilometers from Moutoullas. The village got its name from the Greek word pediada (πεδιαδα) which means a plain or flat country and laos (λαος) which means people.

There are 12 churches in this village which vary between 15th century churches up to 1930s chapels. The most well known is Archangelos Michael church which is also a UNESCO World heritage site. This church was built in 1474, has vaulted ceiling and beautiful frescos painted on the walls which are very destressed due to the age of the paintings. This church has a unique outer shape which is inspiring and nothing like what you would expect. Build out of stone native to the area and inside it is a typical single aisled interior and a timber roof.

Archangelos Michael Church

The village is famous for the cherry tress and orchards that surround it but also the pine woods and spring waters that are found there too. Many locals visit Pedoulas village during the summer months and vacation here where the climate is cooler and dryer.

There are many hike trails near the village which also makes for a perfect getaway from the city. An ideal destination for hikers, cyclists and nature seekers who come to explore the natural beauty of our Country.

Pedoulas also has 2 museums, The Byzantine Museum and the Folklore Museum. The Byzantine Museum opened up in 1999 and is found near the Archangelos Michael church. In this museum you will find a very important collection of icons and relics from the 13th to the 20th century.

The Folklore Museum houses exhibits that show day to day life, customs and traditions of the past in the village and in general our Country. Some of these exhibits are how chairs were made, or how they used to bake or produce zivania. It is truly an amazing museum to visit.

It is said that the spring water found in Pedoulas village brings longevity to those who drink it. Many locals, tourists and passersby drink water from the spring to cool down in the summer. In Autumn you can see all the magical colours of the leaves falling on the ground while in summer you can help pick cherries or grapes. During winter you can help or see how traditional sweets are made which are actually done all year round. Snow is found here during the winter, snowy months too.

Agrotourism is very prominent in the village as there are a variety of hotels and apartments to stay at. With many restaurants found this the village square and so much to do and see, Pedoulas is a must-see village. From a relaxing time at the hotel and strolling along the streets of the village to the nature around you and traditional food, this place is just magical.

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