Cyprus Passion

You can find this grand structure known as the Paphos Castle (Fort) at the far end of the Paphos Harbour, where it was built in order to protect the harbour and its surroundings. This amazing Castle was originally built in the Byzantine era but was then rebuilt twice over the years, where it was finally restored to its former glory during the Ottoman era.

The Castle is a listed building and it is currently being used as a tourist attraction for everyone to walk around and see the building from the inside too! There are amazing views everywhere you turn and the courtyard in the middle will make you wander about what it must have felt back then to be in this Castle protecting the Harbour.

Fun fact about the Castle is that there is only one entrance and exit and it is the same for both entering and exiting the structure, the main gate! Another interesting fact is that it was used as a Fortress which turned into a prison, which then turned into a warehouse to store salt.

Many festivals and other events and functions are held around this area but also in front of the Castle too. Imagine attending a festival like the Aphrodite’s Festival, which is held in September, and having the Castle as a backdrop where you start the festival during the day, then having it change into a sunset backdrop while the finale is the Castle lighting up as a night backdrop! In addition to the festivals, events and functions there are also local markets that will love exploring but also the birds and pelicans make for a relaxed walk along the pier.

The Castle will not disappoint. The views alone will make you want to go during the day, sunset and night time.

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