Cyprus Passion

Panagia Chrysospiliotissa church (Greek-Παναγία Χρυσοσπιλιωτισσα). The church is found near Kato Deftera village in Nicosia and it is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It is believed to date back to the early Christian period (first century A.D. to the 7th-century) and it is located inside a cave which is very rare for a church in Cyprus!⁣ Hence the name Chrysospiliotissa. The name comes from Chryso(Χρυσο), which means gold and spilia(σπηλια), which means cave. The church was decorated with paintings but unfortunately over time they have suffered great damage. ⁣

The church celebrates its large religious festival every 15th of August, the day of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary.

  • The church is accessible to people with disabilities as there is a lift available to take you up to the chapel.

  • You should dress appropriately before entering otherwise use one of the cloaks at the entrance of the church.

  • When taking photos of any remaining paintwork of icons please do not use your flash and it is always polite to ask if you are allowed to take photos.

  • In case you need refreshments, there is a small vendor outside the church selling drinks and snacks.

  • If you love a keepsake of your travel memories by collecting souvenirs, there is a small shop outside the church where you get the chance to buy from a variety of souvenirs.

  • The church is opened all days except Monday. When there is rainfall, the church is closed and doesn’t accept any visitors. This is an order imposed by the Department of Antiquities.