Cyprus Passion

Cyprus is full of wonderful and unique villages and Palaichori is one village that is worth while visiting. This village is found in the Nicosia region and is geographically located in the Pitsilia district. The name ‘Palechori’ derives from the words ‘palio’ (παλαιο) and ‘horio’ (χωριό) which means ‘old village’

Palaichori dates back to the 13th century. The village also has remarkable Frescos in the many of its churches which date between the 12th and 16th century. Moreover, there is also a museum with Byzantine artifacts, textiles, silver and bronze work and also wood carving. There are four churches located here and they are all worth seeing. The most well-known is the Transfiguration of the Saviour is actually a 16th century World Heritage by UNESCO.

The river Serrache, divides the village in two which enhances the beauty of this place. Traditional houses and cobblestone streets are the charm of this village. But also the other small details like vineyards, fruit trees, nut trees make for a picturesque village too. Another unique trait of this village is that traditional Zivania is actually produced here. In addition to Zivania, Palaichori is also well known for its smoked ham and spicy sausages. So while you are in the village make sure to buy a few of these delicacies to try.

As for the fishing enthusiast, there is a dam where they are allowed to fish. This dam is constructed on the river of Kampiou. So head on over to fish and relax or just to take in all the beautiful surroundings.


This amazing village has two other interesting things to see too. One is to see the historical and preserved building which was once a hide-out for 1955-59 EOKA fighters. The other monument to see actually overlooks the whole region. This monument is known as Cypriot Mother and from its location you will be mesmerized by the stunning views.

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