Cyprus Passion

The following section describes a short summary of the north of Cyprus which has been illegally occupied by mainland Turkey from 1974 until present day. The purpose of this section is to not forget the people who lost their life’s and lost their homes as a result of the war. It’s also to commemorate the beautiful landmarks and villages in the north of Cyprus that flourished pre-1974. Due to the Turkish invasion, 36.2 per cent of the island is closed off and heavily guarded by Turkish troops. The war resulted in the displacement 120,000 Cypriots (with 20,000 enclaved). The war also meant that one third of the island (the northern third) is illegally occupied, including Mesaoria, Famagusta, Karpasia and Morphou. Cyprus is divided into two parts, separated by ‘the Green Line.’ Cyprus has many amazing landmarks, ancient and religious sites.

This section is to commemorate the northern lands of Cyprus which flourished pre-1974. It’s to inform of the many beautiful and forgotten places that exist in the north of Cyprus. The section is also to create awareness about the Cyprus problem; and advocate for a free and united island, for the benefit of all Cypriots.


Varosi (Varosha)

Varosha or Varosi is an area located in southern quarter of the city of Famagusta which is abandoned since the illegal Turkish invasion in 1974.

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