Cyprus Passion

Nissi beach is one of the most popular beaches in Cyprus. This beach is found in Agia Napa area and stretches for 500 meters. The sand is golden and the water is crystal clear, clean enough that it was awarded a blue flag beach. Nissi beach has also been voted by Trip Advisor as one of the top 25 best beaches in Europe for 2021 along with Fig Tree Bay too.

It received its name because it stretches along the length of its own cove and is named after the small islet close to the coast. Islet or island in Greek is Nisi (Νησι).  This islet is not inhabited as it is too small, but you can walk across to it on foot through the shallow water. During spring sometimes, you can walk over to the islet without getting your feet wet at all.

There is a variety of water sports available and can be enjoyed by everyone. Some activities are parasailing, inflatables, jet ski, windsurfing, paddle boat and even bungee jumping. The beach makes for a great outing for families too as the water is shallow and there are many things to do.

Nissi beach also has many amenities like public toilets, changing rooms, sunbeds and umbrellas, even restaurants, bars and kiosks. Locals come to spend the day and sometimes have parties too. You will find two car park areas, snack bars and cafes. The one side of the beach (the east) is usually quieter where families may spend the day. On the other side, its more up beat with music, parties and also events that may take place.

During the summer months, from April until October, there are lifeguards on duty during specific hours. The beach is also offering access for the disabled.

This beach is a beach to visit when in Cyprus as it will be fun filled day for you. Visit these crystal-clear water, golden sand with bars and music to get you all hyped. Even if you don’t want that then visit the other side for a more relaxing vacation by the beach and grab lunch or dinner before you leave.