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This beautiful old village of Moutoullas can be found in the mountain range of the Nicosia District at an elevation of 800m in the Marathasa village.

The village is most well-known due the old small stone chapel of Panayia tou Moutoulla. It dates back to the 13th century and has a beautiful steep-pitched wooden roof with frescos. It was built during 1280 and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  

However, the main church of the village is actually dedicated to Agia Paraskeui and was actually built over an existing church. You can also find another 3 churches at the village, Prophet Elias, the church of Metamorphosis Sotiros and Agios Mamas. The church of Prophet Elias has a panoramic view of the village which is spectacular. 

The chapel of Panayia tou Moutoulla

To the north of Moutoullas is the village of Kalopanagioti and to the south Pedoulas Village. The east side you can find Troodos Forest and to the West you will find Mylikouri. Moutoullas itself was built in an amphitheatrical shape and in 2011 the population was just 174 people.

Moutoullas is also well-known fact about this beautiful village is its mineral water that is bottled and sold all around the island. The crystal clean water is drinkable and is very similar to Evian water found in Europe. The springs found at the village became very well-known when an Egyptian chemist who had drunk the water was cured of medial problems he had with his kidneys and stomach. He also sent off samples of the water to Paris for further testing. This had a great impact on the number of visitors the village received who would come visit but also take with them some of the water. Some would fill small bottles of water while others would fill bigger bottles to take with them.

This village has so much history just like most of Cyprus but the one thing that we still don’t quite know is the origin of the name of this village.  Some believe that it came from the family of Ioannis Gerakiotis or Moutoullas who had inscribed on the church Panayia Moutoulla, where Moutoullas was given to the village too.

Visiting this village, you will also find a wonderful Nature Trail named ‘’The baths of Rigena and Chlio’’. This is a wonderful and unique nature trail which has stunning views, amazing natural fauna and rocks hanging above a dirt road. You will also see golden oaks which show off their leaves during the beautiful autumn season and all seasons really. The best about this hike is the waterfall you will find which will definitely impress everyone.

Moutoullas village may be small but it is mighty that’s for sure. From history to natural springs to fruit trees and the nature trail. There is plenty for anyone to see and do at this beautiful village. It may be a quite village during most seasons but come summer you will be amazed at how many tourists visit and stay here too. There are rooms to let and original Cypriot cuisine is offered at the local cafeteria. A one-of-a-kind tranquil getaway with much to see and do is this magnificent village Moutoulla.

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