Cyprus Passion

Cyprus has some amazing waterfalls that you would not believe exist on such a small island and yet they do! Now for sure you can’t compare the size of the waterfalls in Cyprus to the rest of the world. But even though Cyprus is a small island, we do have many waterfalls. Millomeri waterfall is one of the many falls on this gorgeous island. It is the highest waterfalls on the island and is actually one of the easiest to reach.

This amazing waterfall is located in the Troodos Mountains. Actually it’s not too far from the most well-known waterfall in Cyprus which is Kallidonia Falls. Millomeri got its name from the Greek words ‘millos’ (μιλλος) and ‘meros’ (μέρος) which means ‘wet area’.

It is situated in the Southeast part of Pano Platres in the Kryos River, at an altitude of 980 meters. The waterfall itself is 15 meters high. Also, just like Kallidonia Falls there are 2 hiking trails that will lead you to the waterfall.

Millomeri waterfall

One trail starts in Platres and takes about half an hour but it’s also more challenging than the other trail. This hike has a variety of vegetation, wildlife and a density of pine trees just like Kallidonia Falls has. If you feel up to the 30-minute hike then you will find yourself enjoying this magnificent trail. There are quaint bridges and cooler temperatures as you get closer to the waterfall.

As for those less adventures or just can’t hike the trail the second hiking trail is for you. This trail almost takes you right up to the waterfall itself. All you need to do is follow the signs off B8 road and it will take you to a small car park. From here it is a very straight forward walk from there. Be aware that you may not find parking space easily. It’s because it is a small parking area and everyone takes advantage of this easy of access to the waterfall. No matter which trail you choose, the waterfall is breathtaking! 

Millomeri waterfall

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