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Cooking Mahalepi is so easy and is typically made from just 4 ingredients; nisiaste, water, rose water and sugar. Mahalepi is usually made in the Cypriot summer time and served cold. Nisiaste powder is made from grinding corn kernels which have been sundried. When cooked, nisiaste is similar to a custard texture and is neutral in taste. The lovely flavour of the Mahalepi comes from the rose syrup poured on top once ready to serve. Sometimes sugar is also added for extra sweetness or a crunchy texture. The origin of Mahalepi comes from the Middle East and countries such as Lebanon and Syria have quite similar recipes also.



Serves: x4

Cook time: Approx. 10 minutes (however this dessert also needs to set overnight).

Prep time: To serve – 5 minutes


Rose syrup (Triantafillo)

X4 Tbsp of nisiaste

800mls of water

Raw sugar (to serve – optional)


  1. Put 800mls of water into a pot on the stove and put it on a “high” flame

  2. Add x4 heaped tbsp’s of nisiaste and stir until dissolved.

    – Keep stirring the mixture until it starts to boil and become thick; it has to reach a glue-like consistency. Once this occurs, turn off the flame as your Mahalepi is ready to pour into the serving bowls.

  3. Pour the mixture into x4 serving bowls and set aside to cool for a few hours.

  4. Once cool, place your Mahalepi in the fridge to further set over night.

  5. The next day your Mahalepi will be set. To serve, pour a few tbsp’s of water into each bowl, then pour a few tbsp’s of rose syrup on top.

  6. Lastly if you’d like extra sweetness and texture, you can sprinkle a tsp of raw sugar on top however this step is optional.

  7. Some people also like to add ice-cubes to make their Mahalepi extra cold however this step is optional too.

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