Cyprus Passion

In a lot of movies, you can see couples standing upon the Love Bridge in Paris across the River Seine. The Love Bridge of Cyprus is no less magnificent. Located in beautiful Famagusta, at Cavo Greco area, the Love Bridge is one of the most amazing natural bridges in Cyprus. It is fast becoming popular with the holidaymakers.

The bridge is located on the shore just near the eastern entrance to Ayia Napa. It is a monumental spot for everyone. You can find it on the road towards to Agioi Anargiroi. It’s part of the natural trail known as the ‘Sea Caves’.

The Love Bridge is a gift of nature! It is a natural rocky arch bridge with an edge extending into the crystal clear waters of Cyprus. The bridge got its shape naturally without any sort of human intervention.The span of the bridge is around six meters, and the width is about half a meter. There is wide bedrock at the ‘sea’ edge of the bridge. If you want to swim in the sea you have to descend to it.

Jumping into water from the bridge is not safe because of sharp rocks present at its bottom and again, the water is fairly shallow. However, there is an other, safer, location near the shore of Sea Caves Cavo Greco from where you can safely jump into the water.

Most of the boat tour routes from Ayia Napa’s port originate in and around the bridge. The water in this are of the bridge is selected by many divers to give scuba diving lessons. It’s very striking and abundantly rich in marine life. A large number of Mediterranean Monk Seals can be seen here during the summer months too.

The Monk Seals are among the rarest species in the world. If you are luck to see them you’ll witness just how a pair of seals swim and dive in these lush waters. Hence it is also called ‘Monk Seals Bridge’. If you look towards the west from up on the bridge you can observe the splendid resort area of the city. Alternatively, on the east you can find the natural Sea Caves Cavo Greco. The locals call it Stone Arch or the Bridge of Korakas.

Tourism in Cyprus has made tremendous progress in terms of both the number of tourists and revenue. But, it remains unexplored by many who love nature deeply. So, why go elsewhere? Just keep Cyprus in mind when you make your next travel plans!

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