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The Liopetri river is located in the Liopetri Village which is found in Famagusta district also known as Kokkinoxoria (Red Villages).

When visiting Liopetri Village you must see the Liopetri River. As you arrive to Liopetri all you need to do is make a left turn in order to make your way to the river. A beautiful narrow river with colourful finishing boats ties to the edge of the river banks. Amazing natural vegetation all along the riverside gives you a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Over the years this river has extended all the way towards the sea and is similar to a fjord. Many fishermen dock their boats here but there are many tourists who come to see the boats and the river too.

The Liopetri river holds approximately 100 boats, some are fishing boats while others are recreational boats. The river itself is 630meters long and between 15 and 40 meters wide. The extension to the river reaches around 110 meters.

It is said that the anchorage of the Liopetri river dates back to the medieval era and that is was also used as a quarry.  History also states that in the 18th century this very river was used in order to export limestone and farming products to Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.

At the entrance of the river from the sea you will find the small chapel of Saint George where you can take a look and even light a candle.

A walk along the river banks you are sure to see something different every day. Fishermen docking, loading or unloading their boats, showing the catch of the day. You will also find cute taverns which offer the most delicious fresh fish and seafood dishes you can find.

In the most recent years efforts have been made to upgrade this area in order to help the marine life but also allow people to explore and be in nature more. It is said that the government is looking into making bike trails, hiking trails, a small marina and even a playground for kids.

This river is more than just a fjord, it’s a place to eat, have a walk, meet up with friends and family and be in nature. With the new works that are taking place this is the place for relaxation and good food for both locals and tourists alike. Make sure to visit this natural river in Liopetri on your next visit to this beautiful village.

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