Cyprus Passion

The largest port in Cyprus is the Limassol old port which was built in the 1950’s while Cyprus was under the British Rule. It was actually built to support and help the Famagusta Port, like a supplement port.  The location of the port is Eastern Mediterranean and believed to be one of the busiest in the Mediterranean transit trade.

The port can handle vessels up to a staggering 820ft in size for berthing in 45ft of water.  It was built to be for both commercial and passenger vessel uses.

After a competition to revamp the port, architectural designed were drawn up to transform it into a more functional and leisure center for everyone to appreciate. For this reason, the port closed for a little, while the transition was happening.

The renovations of the port were to add offices, shops, cafes, restaurants and large squares with pedestrian walks. A place to host cultural events and make the community come together.

Limassol old port today attracts locals and tourists to go shopping, relax at the cafes by the boats and just wander around. This once old port is now a modern meets old place for everyone to meet and enjoy themselves.

Near the Old port you will also find the historic Limassol Castle and also the old towns commercial center and the embankment area. This placed a great deal of value to the choice of upgrading the port as it would become a cultural center for all. The promotion of all of the surrounding of the old port area were taken into consideration.

It has now become a pole attraction for people to come together, do some shopping, eating or chilling in the port or surrounding areas. During Christmas you will find wonderful displays on the courtyards and events happening day and night.

A visit to the old port will leave you speechless. Variety of restaurants with amazing aromas and flavors. Entertainment in the courtyards and shops of all sort of clothes, homeware and more. Be sure to check out the Limassol old port and also the surrounding areas.

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