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The Limassol Municipal Garden can be found on the coastal road at the center of the city of Limassol. It has been recently renovated and is like a small piece of paradise in the city for garden and nature lovers. Its location is what sets it apart from any other garden, its close to the sea and city and yet feels like a nature haven.

The Limassol garden is over 100years old and covers an area of 60.000 m2. An open-air Amphitheatre is also found here and many dance shows and theater plays are host here every year. 

The amphitheater has a capacity of 1800 people and tickets to plays, concerts and other events can be bought at the Garden Theatre’s Box Office and online. The Amphitheatre was renamed in 2017 after Marios Tokas who was a Cypriots composer of traditional music and was born in Limassol.

limassol municipal garden

You will find many trees like eucalyptus trees, pine trees and cypress trees. You will also find many varieties of flowers, some restaurants and cafes, a place for kids to play and a zoo too.

Actually, the zoo was revamped just as the gardens were and has made beautifully designed all natural-looking habitats for all animals living within the zoo. Its primary mission is research, protection and reproduction and release into nature for those species that are in danger of extinction.

Many events take place at this amazing location like the yearly wine festival which is a must see for anyone in the area. It takes place end of August until beginning of September and shows just how wine was made back in the day. There are samples of wines given out, while you can also purchase many wines and grape products too.

Other events held here are Ballet Festivals, Flower Festivals, Carnival events and even Kataklismos (Flood Festival). There are so many cultural events held here all year long that are great for all ages, locals, tourists and of course families too.

The shade of the trees and tranquility of nature will allow anyone, young, old, families and friends to just relax and be with nature. Take a stroll around the garden, have lunch or a coffee and get away from the hustle and bustle of the normal routine and daily life. Make some time to be with nature and just relax.

From just being in nature, to exploring the zoo or spending time at cultural events, there is so much the Limassol Municipal Garden has to offer and there is definitely something here for everyone. So, take some time to explore this ground and fall in love with nature and the culture of Cyprus.

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