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Larnaca Salt lake is actually composed of three interconnected salt lakes and one more found next to them. The largest one is Aliki which is interlocked with Orphani and Soros and the fourth being Spiro. These all form the second largest Salt Lake on the island which have a total surface area of 2.2 km².

Located on the main road to and from the International Larnaca airport you will see it on both sides of the main road. It’s one of the many sites people go to admire all year round as it’s regarded one of the most significant wetlands of Cyprus.

It has been declared a Ramsar site, a Natura 200 site, Special Protected Area by the Barcelona Convention and an Important Bird site.

The Salt Lake is surrounded but natural trees, fauna and a beautiful hike trail for you to see and absorb all that nature gives us. There is a bird lookout point and also you can find the mosque Hala Sultan Tekke on the banks of the lake.

Not only is this place beautiful and breathtaking, it has one of most important migratory birds passing through. The Flamingoes which spend their winter here, feeding off of the brine shrimp found in the Salt Lake.  Some other birds that flock here are Charadrius alexandrines, Himantopus, Larus ridibunus and more. Bird enthusiasts and photographers come here every so often to catch these beautiful birds in their natural habitat.

People believe that the salt in the lake is due to the sea water but this is not the case. It is actually due to a salt reservoir in the land in the area. During the winter months when it rains the lake is filled with water. But come summer, the water evaporates leaving the salt to form a crust on the surface of the lake.

The harvest of the salt found in the lake was once one of the islands major exports overseas. They would use the help of donkeys to transport the salt to the edge of the lake. From here they would dump the salt in piles that formed pyramids. This harvest came to an end in 1986 as it was not cost effective to export salt but to import it.

Visit the Salt Lake and go on a nature hike, take a book and sit and read on the benches available or just bird watch. No matter what you want to do you will be amazed at the natural beauty of the place and especially at sunset. You can see many people cycling, horse riding, hiking and even picnicking here. So be sure to stop by and admire the natural beauty of this amazing Salt Lake. Lastly, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Larnaca Salt Lake at sunset for a breathtaking view of the stunning evening sky!

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