Cyprus Passion

Larnaca Castle, also known as Larnaca Fort, is one of the main sites of this city and is located at the Finikoudes Promenade. This Castle is not like the castles we know that are homes for Kings and Queens but it was build to act as a Fort. It was erected in 1625 A.D. and we know this date for sure as it was found on the inscription on the entrance of the building.

The building was originally built from the end of the 14th century A.D. as a way to protect and guard the south side of the country. The landscapes and in more general the areas of the south were not naturally protected in any way therefore Forts were built to protect such areas.

As the years progressed and during the Venetian rule there was an upgrade in the Larnaca port and this also led to the upgrade of the Fort too. The Larnaca port, at the time, played a crucial role in export trade of salt and so one thing led to another with the Fort being even stronger than before.

Due to the Ottoman attack the Fort (Castle) had become only ruins, therefore the Ottomans decided to rebuild it and restore it to its former glory but also enhance it with cannons and also stationed a small garrison of janissaries there too.

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