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Lara Beach is located on the west of the island in the Akamas Peninsula of Paphos district. It is also known as the Turtle bay as this is where turtles come to lay their eggs.

To reach Lara beach you will need to take the road from Peyia and then make your way to Agios Georgios. Then you will need to go through the dirt road which you will need to have a 4×4 to access.

The beach is a protected area and thus will seem deserted and is unspoilt. A Beautiful sandy beach with crystal blue waters is what you will see visiting this beach. Its inhabitants are wild goats, birds and of course turtles. Many turtles make there nests here which are protected  with white metal cage like things on top of the nests. This is to that no one accidently walks on them and helps keep animals away too.

lara beach

Since the beach is a protected area, you are not allowed to go there with sunbeds, umbrellas and inflatables. No fishing, lighting fires, camping and driving on the beach either.

A turtle conservation can also be found at Lara beach. This station helps the turtle eggs hatch and take them out to the sea. To get the conservation station you will need to go by foot from where you park your car. During May to mid-August is when the turtles lay their eggs. Volunteers monitor the female turtles and then in June and July they collect the eggs and place them in the hatchery for protection.

Green turtles and Loggerhead turtles are the species of Turtles that come to Lara beach. The Conservation also does research on the turtles and also help protect them too. A visit to these premises will show you just how much they do for the turtles. To visit the conservation, you will need to book a guided tour and have in mind there is no entrance fee.

If you plan on visiting Lara beach, make sure to take snacks and drinks with you as there is only one restaurant in the area. Swimming is allowed just make sure to take your towel and be sure to be careful where you walk. Enjoy the crystal-clear waters and beautiful scenery of the horseshoe shaped bay. Lara bay is like no other with picturesque scenery and natural beauty.

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