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Lania village is located at the bottom of Troodos mountains off of the road from Limassol to Troodos. This village is also well-known for its wine making as it is one of the main villages of wine production in Cyprus.

The village got its name from Lana, the daughter of the God Dionysus, who was the god of wine and pleasure. This goes to show just how deeply rooted this village is in upkeep of vineyards and production of wine.

This village proudly produces not only wine but also Zivania, Commandaria and Soutzoukos.

Seeing as this village is quite small, the best way to see everything is on foot. You can find here and old wine making mill that was converted to a museum, an old olive oil press, a school, the village square, restaurants, galleries, souvenir shops and mosaic workshops. There is also a huge tree in the middle of the square which gives off so much shade during summer that you will want to sit under it and feel the cool breeze. This is where you will find most locals sitting having their coffee and catching up with their friends.

Photo Credits: Tryfon Kais @tryfonkais (Instagram)

At the entrance of the village, you will see an old water fountain where the villagers used to go to collect drinking water. The streets and courtyards are lined beautifully with gorgeous flowers and the locals also host a year event. During May, every year, the village hosts the ‘Lanes and Courtyards’’ event allowing people to see their courtyards.

You can also find many monasteries and churches around this area. You should visit the church of Virgin Mary of Valana which dates back to the 17th century. You can find this church at the top of a hill and you can also picnic near by at the picnic site. Other churches nearby are Saint Marina, Archangel, but also the one in the village square named Virgin Chrisolanitisa.

The locals here as very hospitable and are always welcoming people to their village and homes. This picturesque village with so much history and sites to see, awaits you to come and pay a visit.

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