Cyprus Passion

If you are in downtown Nicosia, then a walk through Laiki Geitonia (Traditional Neighbourhood) is necessary. Laiki Geitonia is a pedestrianized traditional neighborhood which it’s entrance is just off-Onasagorou Street in the Old Town of Nicosia and inside the city walls on Aristocyprou and Praxandrou streets (Close to the two most popular streets of Nicosia, Onasagorou and Ledras street).

The paved buildings and streets in Laiki Geitonia have been restored to remind the traditional Nicosia of 1990s. There are numerous taverns, cafeterias and restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Cypriot food, a cup of Cyprus coffee or a cold beer accompanied with some halloumi, or lountza or tsamarella!​

Nicosia Laiki Geitonia

As for those who love collecting small trinkets of reminders from trips, then in the area there are also copious souvenir shops. Local products are also available for sale within these stores too. The paved streets of Laiki Geitonia makes it the perfect destination for locals and tourists who are curious to meet Nicosia’s historical culture and traditional architectural heritage! You will feel like you have stepped back in time when walking around these buildings.​

The main tourist Information Center of Nicosia is also located in Laiki Geitonia.​