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The drive up the picturesque Troodos Mountains to Kykkos Monastery is breathtaking. Amazing views in every direction you look, nature at it’s finest. The Monastery itself is also very stunning, with painted Frescos and golden mosaics depicting Biblical events at corridors.

Visiting the Monastery of Kykkos you will find it located in the mountain region of Marathassa Valley at an altitude of 1.318 meters. It is on the north-west face of Troodos Mountains. The Holy Monastery which is a dedication to the Virgin Mary was founded around the end of the 11th Century by the Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos (1081-).

What is significant about the monastery is that the first President of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios III started his ecclesiastical career there as a monk in 1926. Following his death in 1977, as per his request he was buried 3 KM west of Kykkos Monastery. His tomb remains a popular visiting destination by locals and tourists.

Kykkos Monastery in Troodos Mountains
''The Holy Monastery is considered one of the wealthiest and best-known monasteries on the island. There is also a museum integrated into the Kykkos Monasteries location where it houses one of the most very well-known ecclesiastical artifact which is the Holy Icon of the Virgin Mary''.

This museum which contains priceless ecclesiastical artifacts such as embroideries, woodcarvings and manuscripts is open all year round and is has a reasonably priced entrance fee. One of the most notable ecclesiastical artifact in the museum is the Holy Icon of the Virgin Mary (as mentioned above) but what is noteworthy is that it was hand-painted by Apostle Luke.

The monastery, just like all monasteries, holds religious celebrations in the form of fairs on September 8th (Birth of the Virgin Mary) and August 15th (Dormition of the Virgin Mary) but this Monastery also produces local Zivania and other alcoholic drinks.

What you will notice when you visit the Monastery is the clean and tidy environment inside the building’s walls and especially the courtyards but also the spiritual calm you will feel all around you and also within yourself.

Kykkos Monastery in Troodos Mountains

Things to note before visiting Kykkos Monastery:

  • Entrance is free and opening times are November – May: 10:00 – 16:00 and June – October: 10:00 – 18:00. These are subject of change.

  • Entrance is allowed to all genders. Be prepare however to wear a cloak provided by the monastery at the entrance if you are wearing shorts.

  • Villages near the Monastery such as Prodromos host local restaurants which serve ​delicious traditional food and local tastes (image on the right) at affordable prices. Prices per person is average 15euro together with a drink.

  • Despite the fact that the road to Kykkos Monastery is in excellent condition, be aware of the fact that it has lots of curves and winding up and down and narrow sections too.

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