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Kourion archaelogical site is one of the most important and historic areas in Cyprus. Dated back to the 12th century BC, Kourion was once one of most important city-kingdoms in antiquity. You can find this area in the southern west coast side of Cyprus, 1.2km southwest of Episkopi village.

During the 17th century, five massive earthquakes had destroyed most of the city which was only partially rebuilt.  There is great history concerning this city and very interesting to learn too. Some of the most notable to visit is the Acropolis of Koureion. It is found on the top of a limestone point which is almost 100meters high along the coast.

Another most known site is the Koureion Amphitheater. This is found at the end of the hill and makes for a wonderful visit. Some other archeological remains you will see while visiting Ancient Koureion are:

  1. House of the Gladiators

  2. House of Achilles

  3. Aqueducts

  4. Amathus Gate Cemetery

  5. The Baths and House of Eustolios

  6. Stadium

  7. The Northwestern Basilica

  8. The Christian Beachfront Basilica

  9. Episcopal Precinct and Cathedral Koureion

And more

It should be known that this archeological area lies with the British Overseas Territory of Akrotiri and Dhekelia. Even so, it is managed by the Cyprus Department of Antiquity.

For everyone who wants to visit this rich history of our Country you will find that there is a ticket office at the entrance. You can wander around this ancient city and take as many photos as you like. Wander the ruins and think about what it was like back in the day. Check out the baths and how they used to make cities. See the pilar and cave like areas and get a feel for the rich history. Have a look at the mosaics and how they would decorate the place with them.

Tickets are fairly cheap and we can for sure recommend seeing this area for yourselves. It is everything you see in photos and so much more.  You can visit the Government site for details on opening hours and ticket price here.

You can watch our Youtube video about the Theatre of Kourion here.

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