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Kato Dry is a village found near one of the most well-known villages in the Larnaca district which is Lefkara. It is Southwest of Cyprus and also neighbours the village Vavla. It is found at an altitude of around 520meters above sea level and is situated in hilly mountain areas.

Kato Drys received its name based on two stories. Both stories invoice the name deriving from the type of trees in the area which is known as ‘’Drys’’. The name KATO DRYS means Lower Drys, giving the meaning that there once was an upper and lower part of the village or trees.

A beautiful small village with pretty streets and traditional stone built homes and wonderful native trees and flowers all around. The streets are narrow and curvy, the homes are built right up to the streets an no pathways are found.

Kato Drys village

Just outside Kato Dry towards Vavla is the pretty monastery for Saint Mina. A monastery for women. The beautiful grounds of the monastery are peaceful and the nuns their work the land and make their own products. Another fun fact about Kato Drys is that the image of Kato Drys Village was actually printed on the Cypriot One Pound note.

A very well-known person was born in Kato Drys in 1134, that person being Saint Neophytos. His home in which he was born and raised is still standing in the village.

The village has its own small church which is dedicated to Saint Neophytos. There are also another 4 churches in this small village. These are the following: The church dedicated to the “Virgin Mary the Almsgiving”, the Church of St Charalambous, the Church of St George and the Church of John the Baptist.

Kato Drys has a Bee and Embroidery Museum which is being housed in a 300-year-old house in the village. The museum showcases old and new bee keeping tools, a special textile collection including a loom and silk and other fabrics. There is also information on how Commandaria is made. Commandaria is the oldest wine in history and it was made by Cyprus.

The main crops you will find in this hilly village is grapes, wine grapes. Some residents also know to do embroidery just like in Lefkara village and other know the building trade. The village also agrotourism where many tourists stay in these one-of-a-kind homes, eat traditional breakfasts and enjoy the slow-paced life of a village in Cyprus.

A wonderful and delicious tasting food can be found at the restaurant just under the HUGE Drys tree named Platans Tavern. This tree is over 100 years old and provides so much shade in the area. You can hear the river passing below and the wind blowing through the tree’s leaves. It’s a magical feeling of peace.

You can visit Kitima Christoudia and have a wine tasting, walk around the grounds and get a look inside with a mini tour. The amazing wine and fresh air are all you need on a nice summer evening.

If you still want more, then explore some of the surrounding nature trails around the area. These trails will show you the wonderful natural fauna and flora of the Cypriot mountains and amazing views. The sunset and sunrise views are a beautiful sight worth seeing.

This beautiful small village, full of culture has so much to offer that it should be a must place to visit, even if it is just for the day!

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