Cyprus Passion

Themost famous and beautiful structure in the city of Larnaca has to be the Kamares Aqueduct. This old historical aqueduct can be found on the main road from Larnaca to Limassol. The name Kamares is derived from the shape of the bridge like structure of arches. The word arch is Kamara in Greek. Therefore, we have the Kamares Aqueduct.

It was built in 1750 during the Ottoman rule and was built to provide clean water to the city. This structure was considered to be the most important of its time. What made it even more remarkable was that it was funded by the then governor of Larnaca using his own personal money and not the towns money.

This whole project was quite large if you think about the work that was done to bring the water close to the aqueduct. There was a section where they made under ground water channels, just like pipes, to bring the water flow towards the aqueduct. They would direct the water from the Tremithos river towards the laoumi which was then transported to other channels to conduct the fresh water. From here it was transported through the aqueduct to the town of Larnaca.

The aqueduct had stopped being used in 1939 and was actually replaced by modern day technology. Instead of using the aqueduct, new modern pipes were used elsewhere to bring the fresh water to the town.

Nowadays the grand structure of some 20 and more arches stands tall. Illuminated by night along the beautiful cobble stone path and reminds us of the history this monument had on the town. It is an open-air attraction that is free to see and explore. Some people even take the nature path behind it to explore the Salt Lake which is on the other side.

If you visit early in the morning take a look as the amazing shadows cast by the sunlight. This also exist during sunset with the added magic of the golden hour colours too.

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