Cyprus Passion

Kalopanayiotis is located 3km north of Moutoullas in the Troodos Mountains in Marathassa Valley. The village which it’s history goes back to pre-Christian period got its name from the first resident in the village named ‘Panayiotis’. Kalopanayiotis is one of the most famous resorts in Troodos mountains as it combines nature, sightseeing and tradition.  

The village is home of various historical attractions. Probably the most known attraction in the village is Ayios Ioannis Lambadistis Monastery.  The Monastery which is a complex comprised of three little churches dating back to the 11th century has very well preserved wall paintings and a beautiful yard.  Next to the monastery there is also a museum housing priceless Byzantine treasures which you can see by paying only 1Euro donation at the museum’s entrance. When we visited the museum (December, 2019) there was a lovely lady who kindly gave us information about the history of each icon. 

What is noticeable in this traditional style village is that many houses have been gradually restored in co-operation with the antiquities department and the European Union which is financing these sort of projects. Kalopanayiotis village has a nature trail that leads to Kykkos water mill and various other points of interest like the natural springs. This hike is around 4km and  takes about 1.5 hrs from start to finish. If hiking is not for you do not despair this is an easy hike to do but you could always decide to do something else, like a spa day at one of the resorts in the village. You could also get some gift shopping done or buy a souvenir or two at the quaint shops in town.