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Kalidonia nature trail is found in Troodos, Platres in the Limassol district.  It has 2 routes which lead to the Kalidonia Waterfall but end at the Tall tree (Psilo Dentro) found at Pano Platres. The hike is 3km long and takes around 1.5 – 2 hours in total. The level of difficulty is a category 3.

Route 1 starts ate the Troodos Square and route 2 starts at the Tall tree.  Route 1 is the most popular as it is more downhill rather than route 2 which is up hill. Route 2 however is just 20 minutes away from the waterfall if this is what interests you then maybe take route 2.

The start of the nature trail is just 3km from the Troodos square and is actually downstream along the Kryos Potamos stream. This river is one of the rivers that have running rivers all year round.  You will go through the natural vegetation of thick pine trees of the natural forest here until you finally find the amazing Kalidonia Waterfall. Then from the waterfall you continue to the end which is the tall tree found in Pano Platres.

Kalidonia falls is actually the highest waterfall in Cyprus. The nature trail leading up to it is just as amazing as the waterfall and also the tall tree at the end of the hike.

During the winter months the hike up towards to highest point is actually covered in snow. During the summer months you will love the coolness of the shade provided by the tall pine trees along the hike and the cool water from the river.

You will need to wear the appropriate foot wear as it is a hike where you will come close in contact with water. So, water resistant walking shoes are a better option than sandals or summer shoes.This is also a hike for families with children too, just not too young as they will be hiking for 1.5 – 3 hours. Families usually go through route 2 which is quicker but also uphill. Keep in mind the hike is category 3 which means: difficult terrain, sudden change in gradient, rough/slippery areas. Good for adults with very good fitness level, unsuitable for young children.

Those who plan to bathe under the waterfall, then keep in mind that even during summer the water is cold. Also, the water falling down on you comes from a height of 12 meters and therefore has quite some strength to it, so be careful.

This nature hike is amazing during any season of the year and you will be amazed at the natural fauna, flora and vegetation of this area.

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