Cyprus Passion

When it comes to hiking, Cyprus may be a small island, but it has numerous nature trails for anyone to hike. Nature on this island stretch along from one end of the island to the other. The whole island is full of lovely fauna and flora and even forests for you to explore.

The are 52 beautifully designated trails on the whole island which will amaze you with gorgeous landscapes and wonderful nature. Some trails are more challenging than others but they are all worthwhile. The best months for hikes are spring so you can take in all the natural flora and fauna of the island. However, you can do these hikes any time during the year just remember to dress for the weather and always wear proper foot ware.

The degree of difficulty of the hikes are categorized as follows:

Category 1: Easy trail with subtle gradients which is suitable all fitness levels and all ages.

Category 2: Average level with some abrupt uphill and down hill gradients which is suitable for adults with good fitness levels. There may also be rough and narrow terrain.

Category 3: High level difficulty for those who are in excellent fitness as these routes have a level of difficulty such as abrupt uphill and downhill, narrowing and rough terrains.

Here is a list of just some of the 52 Nature Trails to hike:

  1. Adonis Circular

  2. Aphrodite Circular

  3. Smigies Circular

  4. Kato Amiantos-Loumata ton Aeton Linear

  5. Xiliatos Dam Circular

  6. Kionia – Profitis Ilias Linear

  7. Konnoi – Agioi Anargyroi Circular

  8. Kyparissia – Ydatofraktis(Dam) Germasogeias Linear

  9. Panagia tou Araka – Stavros tou Agiasmati Linear

  10. Agia Eirini – Limeria Linear

  11. Doxasoi o Theos – Pyrofylakeio (Fire look Out Station) Madaris Linear

  12. Teisia tis Madaris Circular

  13. Artemis Circular

  14. Atlantanti Circular

  15. Kannoures – Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis Linear

  16. Kalidonia Linear

  17. Persephones Linear

  18. Psilodentro (Tall Tree) – Pouzaris Circular

  19. Prodromos – Zoumi Linear

  20. Fragma (Dam) Prodromou – Stavroulia Linear

  21. Avakas Gorge Linear

  22. Chrysovrysi Linear

  23. Ezousa Walking Trail Circular

  24. Kampos tou Leivadiou Circular

  25. Kalidonia Waterfalls

  26. Venetian Bridge Trail

  27. Millomeri Waterfall Linear

There are many more hikes that are not mentioned on the list but the list is just too long. In addition to the nature hikes there are also running trails along the coast of Cyprus in each city which can be done by everyone and anyone.

So, whether you choose a difficult hike or and easy one you are certainly going to be in for a lovely treat. Getting to know the nature of Cyprus in person through hiking in the mountains, taking in the fresh air and wonderful scenery. No better way to experience Cyprus than by visiting nature.

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