Cyprus Passion

A historic mosque located in Larnaca, right by the Salt Lake towards the west side. The mosque was erected in 1760 but was complete by 1817.

It was actually built over the tomb of Uum Haram, who is said to be the sister of the Prophet Mohamed’s foster mother. Apparently, she had arrived to Cyprus during the raids of the Arabs to conquer Cyprus and make it Muslim. This did not happen since she died shortly after arriving in Cyprus. She was buried in the area where she had died.

Umm Haram has been thought to have done miracles and therefore thousands of Muslims come to the mosque every year to be blessed.

The actual mosque is found in the center of a beautiful garden that allows for lovely peaceful walks. The beautiful flowers and the Salt Lake view just bring on a sense of tranquility and you feel connected to nature even though you are in the city. It is a 15-20-minute walk from the main road but if you check the public transport before going there, there are some routes that get you there closer to the mosque itself. Bus schedules change often so please do some research before heading out there.

If, however you come to Cyprus off peak season then you may want to rent a motorbike or car for a couple of days to see things that are a bit further away from the center like Hala Sultan Tekke.

The mosque is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Antiquities. It is kept in great shape as it is part of our history and is a very popular attraction too. It is still in use and there is no entrance fee to get in.

So, make your way there to see this mosque and he stunning views all around it too. Pro tip is to leave at sunset to get gorgeous shots of the Salt Lake and the Mosque in the background as you leave the site and make your way to the main road.