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Foinikoudes beach promenade is translated to Palm Beach Promenade, which its derived from all the Palm Trees that are found along the promenade. These palm trees were planted here back in 1922 and stretches to 600 meters along the coast of Larnaca city.

The municipality have over the years add so many features to this area but the most noticeable is the cleanliness. There are pedestrian walkways and a cobblestone street that allow cars to drive through the area. This street is sometimes cut off to transportation in order to hold evens and allow visitors to walk freely in the area without traffic.

Along the promenade you will find bars, cafes, restaurants, taverns and also shops. There are also hotels all along the stretch where you can stay and enjoy the view of the beach.

The Foinikoudes beach has facilities like water sports, public toilets and showers, changing rooms and sunbeds with umbrellas. There are also lifeguards on duty between June and October. A disabled access walk that takes them to the lifeguard tower for assistance to get into the water is also available. The water here is shallow and very calm and is perfect for families.

At the beginning of the promenade, you will find the Larnaca Marina. Here you can walk and take in the views or take a mini cruise boat for the day or afternoon. The very first building you will find are the government buildings and the central police station. These are all preserved buildings and one of them has been converted to an art gallery. The art gallery is open to the public and showcases local Cypriot artists.

Moving along you will find the Europe Square where you will see 2 amazing sculptures. The one being of Zenon the founder of the Stoic philosophical school. The other being of ‘seagulls in flight’ in the squares fountain.

To the far end of the promenade, you will find the Larnaca Castle. There is a small entrance fee to go in but once in there you can see the inside but also the views from the top. Going to the top you will see the whole of the Finikoudes Promenade. The fort actually connects the area to Piale Pasha walkway that takes you all the way to Makenzie Beach.

Moreover, in front of the Fort there is a small square with a pier and 2 sculptures adorning the area. The sculpture of a Lion and an Anchor. Here you may also find musicians performing music and benches to sit, relax and take in the views. Parallel but behind the Foinikoudes promenade you will find the shopping district of Larnaca. Here you’ll find local, quaint shops, also some big chain shops but also souvenir shops too and cute cafes to rest in between shopping.

During the year there are many events that take place here. In summer there is the best-known festival of Kataklismos. There are also sports tournaments like beach volley. Sometimes there are concerts and cultural events with folk dancing too. Some other close by things to do are visit the Church of Saint Lazarus, dive at the Zenobia Wreck and the Pierides Museum. 

Foinikoudes beach Promenade is an energetic, glowing area of Larnaca that has so much to offer and its waiting for you to come and explore and experience this magical place for yourself.

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