Cyprus Passion

Famagusta is worldwide known for its crystal waters and sandy beaches which attract millions of tourists every year. Some of the most famous beaches in the city are ‘Konnos Bay’, ‘Fig Tree Bay’ and ‘Vrisianna Beach’..

The city is located on the east coast of Cyprus. In Greek it is called Ammochostos (Αμμόχωστος) meaning ”hidden in (the) sand”. Famagusta is one of the most famous touristic destination worldwide since it is known for its golden sandy beaches including Konnos Bay, Vrissiana Beach. Fig Tree Bay in Protaras according to Trip Advisor, Travellers Choice Awards 2018 has been voted as the 4th best beach in Europe!

Due to its crystal clear waters, Famagusta plays is an important part of the commercial side of things in Cyprus since every year thousands of tourists visit the city for their holidays. Famagusta is also known for its party nightlife since Ayia Napa is full of bars and clubs which create an atmosphere of great energy and enthusiasm all night long.

What is noticeable about the city is that since the Turkish invasion in 1974, the northern part of the city has been frozen in time with houses, hotels and department stores remaining empty. The Varosi suburb (located in the northern part of the city), prior to the War was one of the most glamorous ares with resorts in the Mediterranean.” However, Varosi has been uninhabited since the second phase of the Turkish invasion in August 1974 when the city was bombed by the Turkish aircrafts (photograph below).

Varosi is also known as the ‘Abandoned Town’ after the invasion of the Turks because of the fact that is seems to have frozen in time. Since the invasion everything remains frozen, empty and looted. To see this Abandoned town you can go to Derynia and see it from the view point at the Cultural Center building there. The view will shock you and also amaze you. The shocking part are the bombed buildings and eerie feeling you will get, but the amazing part will be those clean sandy beaches with the untouched almost virgin like beaches. This ghost city stands there waiting patiently for the day where we can all go back there and make it a vibrant city again, just as it was before the invasion.

Famagusta also hosts annual arts and cultural events, summer events and other festivals with the purpose of reminding young and old about the city’s culture, history and more. This is to allow the newer generations and also tourists to meet the city’s historical and cultural aspect.

One of the most famous festivals is the one in Ayia Napa called the ‘Medievil Festival’ . There is a parade with floats and people dressed up like they would back in the day. There are speaches, music, dancing and a concert of the ‘Byzantine Lights’. It’s a festival you should see and experience yourself.

Places to visit in Famagusta