Cyprus Passion

Cyprus is an island in the Eastern Mediterranean that is a hidden gem as most people do not know Cyprus or have it on their list of places to visit. Cyprus has rich history, culture, nature and even mythology! This is why Cyprus has some amazing excursions to offer everyone.
Cyprus is mostly known through mythology where the goddess Aphrodite and also Adonis was born here. The myth says that Aphrodite rose from the foam of the sea wave crashing on the rock along the beach in Paphos.
Anyway, let’s get to the fun stuff. Let’s take a look at Excursions in Cyprus!

Tour guides or self guiding

Excursions are a lot of fun and educational at the same time. By going on an excursion with a group of people and also having a tour guide to tell you a few things about what it is you are seeing or doing is the best of both worlds; fun and education.

Cyprus has a few types of excursions to offer you and we are sure there is something available for everyone. An overview of choices is to do tours through agents who organize by way of means through bus, quad bikes, boats and jeeps. There are also private companies that offer these too but they usually only provide one or two means of travel guided tours.

Whether you go through an agent or a private company they both offer similar services so ask around and see what packages you like before booking. Have in mind tour agents may have a better package deal for more excursions as a bundle.

Boat trips

Boat cruises with a guide are found in every city of Cyprus that has a port or marina. There are half day cruises and full day cruises.

Full day or all-day cruises have coffee and lunch served on board and also have time for you to stop somewhere and anchor the boat so that you can swim in the sea. Half day cruises usually only have a snack or coffee and is more specific to what you will do or see and sometimes you don’t have time to swim in the sea. Some companies also offer scuba diving and snorkeling with a guide and may have offers with the cruise to

A few boat cruise suggestions would be:

  1. If you are staying in Larnaca you can do a cruise to Paphos or Akamas which usually both take you past Limassol too.
  2. Another option is to go from Larnaca to Ayia Napa. Sea the eastern coastal line, the famous and popular sea caves and also go to Capo Greco. They usually take you also to Konnos bay or Fig Tree Bay for a swim and if you take the sunset cruise then as you come back to Larnaca you get to experience our amazing sunsets too!
  3. If you are in Limassol you can take the option of going on a cruise to Paphos and seeing the western coastal line of Cyprus, go past the shipwrecks and end up all the way to the Blue Lagoon in Akamas. Here you will swim in the clear waters and really appreciate the sea and nature.
  4. You could also take a cruise from Limassol back towards Larnaca and Ayia Napa and experience everything as in point 2.
  5. If you are in Paphos, you guessed it, you can go to Limassol, or Limassol and Larnaca, or Limassol-Larnaca-Ayia Napa, or just stay in Paphos.

Bus tours

Bus tours are usually the most common amongst tourist as they go to cities of Cyprus and also Mountains. Combine these places to see and hear a tour guide who tells you a little about Cyprus history and about the sights you see along the tour, you can tell why it is a favourite.

Usually bus tours for mountains take you through some awesome small quaint villages, with colorful winding streets, cobblestone pathways that you can stop to have coffee snacks and try traditional Cypriot sweets like ‘γλυκό του κουταλιού’ or shoushoukko.

You will go through many picturesque villages until you come to the mountains of Troodos where you find yourself in a gorgeous and vast forest. Smelling that fresh crisp mountain air, looking at nature forests and even taking nature hikes or visiting waterfalls, whatever you do Troodos mountains and our quaint villages will not disappoint. Our mountains are cool in the summer and freezing in winter and with all the snow fall in winter you could even ski!

Bus tours in cities usually take you to the most famous sightseeing areas of the cities along the seashore, getting the view of the sunny beaches but also historic monuments. They will take you to see so many city sites but there is always time to have a coffee break and lunch break too.

Quad Bikes / Jeeps

These are totally awesome! They are the best choice to book for places like Akamas which is hard to reach by bus or car (unless the car is a jeep or a 4x4). Take a guided tour to Akamas and see nature at its finest. There is a wide diversity of native plants and species that are unique to Akamas, even the beaches there are hard to reach and so beautiful with crystal clear water as it is untouched by people. Due to it being a hard to reach Akamas is largely untouched with the exception of the guided tours of course.

Jeeps are also used for these types of tours to Akamas but they usually start with touring part of Paphos too. You get to see a few places in Paphos like the EDRO III and the MV Demetrios 11, also you pass all the banana plantations and if you are lucky you will also see many locals selling their fresh produce along their border of their land where they grow their produce.