Cyprus Passion

What you will need

4 – 5 large eggplants

2 large onions

Garlic to taste

1 large tablespoon of tomatoe paste

2 cups of grated tomatoes (fresh or canned)

1 tablespoon of vegetable stock powder

1/5 cup of white wine

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

3 tablespoons of Dried Oreganon

½ cup of Olive oil

Fetta cheese (optional)

Eggplant in tomato sauce


First cut the eggplants length- wise in a tray and season with salt

Put the olive oil in a non stick cooking pot and let it heat a bit

Chop the onion into large pieces and then place in the cooking pot. Let it cook until the color turns clear. Add all of the ingredients except the aubergines and some water (about 1 cup) if necessary to help the aubergines cook.

Let the tomato sauce cook for 8-10 minutes and then add the aubergines

Cook until the eggplants are soft and the tomato sauce has thickened

Enjoy this food with some feta cheese and a cold beer!