Cyprus Passion

Eating in Cyprus traditional food includes souvlakia, sheftalia, koupepia (stuffed vine leafs), fried halloumi cheese, makaronia tou fournou, afelia (marinated pork in wine), loukanika krasata (wine sausages), Cypriot potatoes cooked with olive oil in the oven, agrelia me ta avga (wild asparagus with eggs) and many more!


Background and influences

Cyprus cuisine is one of the most known cuisines in the world as it is also one of the healthiest around due to it being a Mediterranean diet. Everyone knows that a Mediterranean diet widely uses olive oil. Over the years Cyprus has been influenced by many other cultures which have been infused into the Cypriots gastronomy of food. Tastes and smells from Italy, France and Middle east are only a few to mention, that have given Cyprus its unique infusion of magical combinations of food.

Cyprus’s geographic location has also had an impact on the gastronomy over the years and due to this we also have many restaurants that cater to other types of cuisine like, Italian, Indian, French, Lebanese and so much more.

Traditional Food in Cyprus

The traditional foods you will find in Cyprus that everyone must try when in Cyprus are: Souvlakia, Souvla, Sheftalia, Halloumi, Koupepia, Makaronia tou Fournou (Otherwise known as Pastitsio), Cypriot potatoes cooked with olive oil in the oven, Ofto Kleftiko, Afelia, Courgette/Zucchini with eggs, Cabbage with eggs, Cypriot Loukaniko, Trahana and also a wide variety of seafood is available too since we are surrounded by the Mediterranean sea.

The best way to try all of our Countries dishes is through a ‘MEZE’ (μεζέ). A Meze is a sit-down dinner at a local traditional restaurant called a ‘taverna’ (ταβέρνα) that usually has live music for its guests, but the best part is that by ordering a meze you get a little bit of everything. What do we mean by this? We mean that they bring out dishes of smaller portions of everything that is on the menu. So, you get to try an array of Cypriot traditional food and your taste buds will be having a party!

Cypriots and their food

Food is no joking matter in Cyprus as Cypriots are very passionate about their food. Food, drinks and desserts are a big part of every social gathering in the lives of Cypriots. So whether you are in the capital city Nicosia’s vibrant busy streets, the winding cobble stone streets of any villages or towns, or along the seaside, you will find a taverna to try all these amazing tasty food and also enjoy your food with a view of either mountains, beach or cobble stone streets filled with the buzzing life of Cyprus.