Cyprus Passion

Explore the beautiful world under the sea all along the Cyprus coastal lines and find yourself on a wonderful adventure that will amaze you with shipwrecks, sea caves, underwater tunnels, natural and artificial reefs and coral and a variety of marine life too. Cyprus has one of the six most popular shipwrecks in the world and it is located in Larnaca city. It is known as Zenobia Wreck.

Our island has the most ideal weather for diving all year round and has places that both beginners and pros can go and explore. The reefs both artificial and natural all help with growth feeding and reproduction of marine life but also help with protection too.The wide variety of marine life you will see in Cyprus are: Ornate Wrasse, Green and Loggerhead turtles, seahorses, sting rays, bearded fire worms, Octopus, Moray eels, Starfish, Cuttle fish, Parrot fish and so much more. We even have rear sighting of Mediterranean seals coming to Cyprus to give birth to their young!

Shipwrecks and diving sites:


·  Zenobia Wreck – 42 meters deep

·  Alexandria Wreck – 31 meters deep

·  HMS Cricket – 27 meters deep


·  Fishing Vessel Nemesis – 26 meters deep

·  The Canyon – 22 meters deep

·  Green Bay – 10 meters deep


·  Fishing Vessel Costandis – 25 meters deep (artificial reef)

·  Amathunta – max.35 meters deep

·  Akrotiri peninsula – 9 meters deep

·  Lady Thetis Vessel – 18 meters deep (artificial reef)


·  Vera K Wreck – 11 meters deep

·  Laboe Cruise Vessel – 27 meters deep

·  Amphitheatre diving site – 22 meters depth

·  The White Star Wreck – 30 meters deep

·  Amphorae Caves – 12 meters deep

·  Devils Head diving site – 11 meters deep

Credits for the below photographs: Scuba dive & outdoor activities 'Reef Junkies'

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