Cyprus Passion

If there is one thing you should know about Cyprus is that is more than just beaches and sunshine. Other than the beautiful beaches and lovely weather we have all year round we have a lot of history too. We have many religious sites and churches all over the island that are unique. After all this is an island with so much history in itself and is widely religious.

Profitis Elias church is one of these many unique churches that remain a favourite for locals and tourists alike. It is located in Famagusta / Protaras area, just some 6km from Paralimni, and is Greek Orthodox church. It is found at the top of a hill which stands tall looking over at the town and sea. It was built in 1984, in the place of an older chapel. They used stones locally found so as to fit in with its surroundings and compliment nature around it. 


To reach the top of the hill for incredible views and visit the church, you’ll need to climb approximately 300 steps.

Once you climb these stairs you’ll be greeted by a small stone built chapel with a tree behind it.  This tree has many ribbons and strips of cloth tied to its branches. This is because it is a remembrance tree. They tie the ribbon or cloth in remembrance of a loved one. If this is something you’d like to do while visiting the chapel, make sure to take ribbon with you. This way you can tie the ribbon and honour your loved ones just like locals do.  Others tie the ribbon and make a wish. So for some this is like a wishing tree. However, you look at it thought it is an amazing thing to tie your own ribbon on the tree.

The inside of the church is adorned with frescos from wall to ceiling. You are allowed to light a candle and sit for a bit to pray or just to admire the frescos. The outside of the chapel is all light up at night. This illumination allows for an even more stunning view of the church itself but also its surrounding area.