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Cyprus, otherwise known as the island of Aphrodite, is renowned for its natural beauty and charisma, and the gorgeous Chantara Waterfalls, one of the island’s hidden gems, are a testament to this. Positioned in the remote village of Platres, which itself is situated within the famous Troodos Mountains, Chantara is connected to the Dhiarizos river, which is just north of the village of Foini. Formed by the waters of the Chantara stream, this natural wonder of Cyprus offers a serene and peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Interestingly, the Chantara waterfalls derive their name from the Cypriot word “anatra” which literally translates to “the noise of water”. Its waterstream majestically falls from an impressive height of eight meters, tumbling over the prominent “gavro”, which is one of the main rock formations in the area, and forms a small pond at its base. Visitors can witness this impressive feat and hear the roar of the falls as the water cascades down.

Picturesque and stunning, the Chantara falls are a must-see attraction for anyone who seeks adventure or appreciates natural beauty. Comprising a series of cascading waterfalls, the Chantara creates an enchanting and mesmerizing display of natural splendor. This serene spot is perfectly situated for a relaxing walk as you can hear the sound of the water falling down the rocks which is both calming and soul soothing. If, however, this laid-back vibe is not for you then fret not, the island of Aphrodite has much more to offer and you can definitely check out more magnificent attractions in Cyprus here.

Activities and sights to see around the area

The Troodos mountains area, which Chantara falls are nestled within, is the highest range on the mediterranean island, and is teeming with rich history and culture. Visitors can truly lose themselves in the local villages which are soaked in Cypriot folklore and tradition. Charming and cozy, these villages demonstrate a varied aspect of the island’s traditional architecture, including the iconic stone houses which have stood the test of time. 

Adventurers can indulge in a plethora of outdoor activities like hiking and trekking around the falls. A whole network of hiking trails is crisscrossed throughout the area, providing access to routes for all hikers regardless of skill level. These trails traverse the gorgeous mountain landscapes and offer awe-inspiring views of the surrounding countryside, giving a fantastic opportunity for tourists to fully immerse themselves in the picture-perfect beauty of nature. 

How to access the Chantara Falls

Gaining access to the waterfalls is a walk in the park, so to speak, and you will be greeted by many parking spaces once you arrive. Access is conveniently available by car via a short and easy dirt road that leads directly to the site and ends just a few meters from the falls. So if the remote location of the site is something that is holding you back, rest assured you can get there with minimal fuss. For those not wanting to sit behind the wheel, plenty of buses and taxis are available at affordable rates from nearby towns or villages. A small entrance fee is required upon entry to the falls. However, you will find that it is a small price to pay for such breathtaking views, serene atmosphere and sheer beauty.

The best time of year to visit and tips for visitors

Spring is said to be the peak season to visit the Chantara waterfalls as, during this time, the snow melts off of the surrounding mountains and the water flow is at its strongest and most impressive, allowing visitors to enjoy a breathtaking display of natural beauty. This is not to say that the site cannot be enjoyed during the summer months of course, as the cool mist from the falls provides a welcome and refreshing relief from the scorching heat of the Cypriot sun. 

As mentioned before, the location has much more to offer than just the falls themselves. The Troodos mountains are home to serene lakes, lush forests and picture-perfect valleys. Tourists can also visit the nearby villages and delve into their rich history, culture and traditions.

One of the most popular attractions to see near the Chantara falls is the Troodos Botanical Garden, which is located just a short drive from the site. The garden, which is home to a variety of rare and alluring plants, along with a range of local flora and fauna, is an exotic paradise. Visitors can unwind and immerse in the area’s natural beauty at their own pace in the garden’s tranquility and beauty.

Another attraction that shouldn’t be overlooked is the village of Platres itself. Teeming with traditional-looking narrow streets and alleys full of charm and bustling with life, this village is well worth a visit. The place is renowned for its traditional picturesque architecture and impressive line up of cafes, shops and restaurants. The cuisine is a treat for the tastebuds and has a certain charm and flavor that cannot be found elsewhere.

Precautions and environmental considerations to take when visiting

When visiting the falls it is also worth mentioning that any visitors should be mindful of the environment and take extra steps and measures to ensure its protection and preservation. Apart from the obvious, such as avoiding littering, it is also a good idea to stay on the designated trails when exploring to prevent any possible harm to the flora and fauna. Moreover, this will help visitors avoid safety risks, such as slippery rocks and steep drops.

A final overview of the Waterfalls

All in all, the Chantara Waterfalls are an amazing sight to behold and a true natural wonder of Cyprus, or any location for that matter, that should not be skipped by anyone planning to visit the island. The falls offer a peaceful escape from the hectic pace of everyday life, and give visitors a chance to reconnect with nature and reflect on the wonders of the world. The area also provides something of a wonderland for photographers with plenty of opportunities to capture the seamless beauty and tranquility of the surrounding landscape. Whether you are looking for an exciting adventure, a relaxing walk in nature or a remote retreat, the Chantara falls have something to offer for everyone.

Writer: Jonathan Beattie

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