Cyprus Passion

Cape Greco is also known as Cavo Greco and Capo Greco. You will find Cape Greco on the Southeast coast of Cyprus on the southern end of Famagusta Bay. Between Ayia Napa and Protaras to be more precise, which are both in the tourist resort area. One of the most famous areas of Ayia Napa for its beautiful natural landscapes and seaside. In 1993 it was proclaimed as the National Forest Park. It is under the administration of the Forestry Department of Cyprus.

This area has unique fauna and flora, a natural beauty. There are many hiking trails that allow everyone to appreciate this beauty either by walking or even cycling.

The Capo Greco Peninsula covers an area of 385 hectares, which has a variety of trees, orchids, shrubs and of which the 14 are local to Cyprus. You can appreciate this area by hiking, walking, cycling and even cliff jumping off into the beautiful crystal-clear waters. This is where you can find the famous caves where most tourists dive to explore. Many love to swim and explore the sea and some even like to fish here too.

A little more history of Capo Greco is that in 1992 excavations were carried out and it is then discovered one of the oldest Neolithic settlements on the island. Also, in 2007 they discovered an ancient shipwreck which dates to the 2nd century AD. The lighthouse in the area was built by the British and is the second one built in Cyprus after the one built at the Port of Paphos.

The panoramic views of the sea and land are breathtaking and serene. Visiting Cape Greco especially during sunrise and sunset are pure magical. A romantic area to walk to and find the Lovers Bridge is also the most famous place tourists and locals visit often. It is the most photographed area of Capo Greco. However, it is now prohibited to walk on the isthmus as is could collapse under the very feet of whoever does. Therefore, everyone should take great caution when visiting the Love Bridge and not walk on it as they may also get fined.

This magical place is a must see for everyone to see the natural beauty of the forest park, sea and caves. Always being aware to respect any place we visit, I would suggest a romantic walk during sunset or even a picnic with a swim in the sea. What ever you decide to do you will be amazed with the natural beauty, tranquil setting and serenity of this place that you will be back for more.

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