Cyprus Passion

Ayios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas), the patron Saint of Sailors, the Navy, the Coast guard and anything to do with the sea. This was because most of the miracles he had performed were related somehow to the sea. So, having this in mind will make your experience even more special when visiting this church. Saint Nicholas Church in Protaras is actually found right next to the sea. You will find it between the fishing port and the beach ‘Luma’.

Beautiful picturesque views all around this church. Great wide-open sea on one side, lovely beaches on the other and don’t forget the fishing port too. This area is also known as the Golden Coast of Paralimni.

The church is very tiny with blue trims and white washed exteriors, a traditional Cypriot look. The outside shape of the building is a cross. It was built like this to represent the holy cross. The interiors are embellished with paintings and murals of orthodox church frescos. It is surrounded by a cobblestone pathway and the bell tower is small but impressively beautiful.

The natural beauty of the area has many tourists and locals come to have their weddings or baptisms held at this small church.  Also due to this picturesque location they decide to have their photoshoots for their albums at the church and the surrounding area too. Moreover, we have had some very well-known people get married in this church. It is starting to be a very popular wedding destination church for the stunning views but also the location.

No matter the time of day you visit, you will be greeted with amazing views all around. Visit during the evening when the sun is about to set and prepare yourself for breathtaking views. Beautiful sunset colours in the background and a crisp white and blue church. Just like pretty postcards.

The church is always open to visitors and there is no entrance fee. If you are about on the 6th of December then definitely visit. It is the actual day of the celebrations of the patron Saint Nicholas and it is wonderful to experience the orthodox Divine Liturgy.

'Luma' Beach