Cyprus Passion

Agios Epifanios, a village of the Lefkosia District, is located only 500m from the main road which leads from Lefkosia to Palaichori.

According to Papamichael Toumazou, an epidemic struct the village in the 18th century and only one family consisting of the father, the mother and 3 daughters survived, but abandoned the village. Years later however they returned and got married with men from surrounding villages and lived though livestock breeding.

The picturesque village today counts approximately 500 residents and is a perfect destination for those who want to come into contact with nature and breathe in the fresh air of the pine trees while enjoying the green scenery.

What captured our attention from our visit to the village was that the village was spotless, clean while each house has its own unique, colorful garden covered with flowers from top to bottom.

At the center of the village you will find the church of the Agios Epifanios which is very dominant. The church actualy belongs to the type of a single-room church with a sloping tiled roof.

''The village is spotless clean while each house has its own unique, colorful garden covered with flowers''

At the centre of the village you will also notice the Missing Person's and Fallen's Monument. It is stone-built, constructed in 2002 and dedicated to the following heroes:

  • Costas Mishiaoulis, who was murdered on July 17, 1974.
  • Costas Chr. Katalanos, who is missing until today.
  • Georgios Xenofontos Poyiatzis, whose remains were discovered in a group tomb in Kdonara and were identified with the DNA method. On September 2, 2007, the burial of his bones took place at the Community Cemetery of Agios Epifanios with all proper honours and at the presence of officials and State and Church Representatives
  • Right before your enter the Village from the main road (Nicosia to Palaichori), on your left you will notice a small traditional 'kafenio' (coffee shop) where you can enjoy your cypriot coffee or frappe or even have some mahalepi under the pine trees.
    Local producers and farmers are also found there from which you can buy fresh local fruits and delicacies at very cheap prices (average 1euro per bag)!


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