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Bordered by dense forests, Ayios Demetrios village is a little gem. The village lies in Marathassa valley, south of 'Foini' village, east of 'Treis Elies' and to the west of 'Palaiomylos' village. The village is also just a short distance from the mountain resorts of Prodromos and Pano Platres.
We visited the village in December 2019, and we can confidently say that is the best place to find peace and serenity. The village is full of all sorts of colors and beautiful surroundings. Krios potamon (river), a tributary of Diorizos passes through the village and its a must see. Besides its natural beauty, the village now has a pottery museum. A village monk gives lessons in Byzantine art. Pottery classes are also offered during the summer months. Furthermore at the center of the village there's the historical cooking 'oven' that was used for the production of pottery, mainly huge jars back in the day.

Historical background:

It is believed that the village had been inhabited during the Byzantine period when people living near the coast were forced to relocate due to their fear of Arab incursions. It is not confirmed but it is supported that people during that period preferred to stay in the dense forests of Troodos in order to be protected from the high mountains, trees and natural coverage.
Others believe that the area was inhabited since antiquity of deposits of mines which were useful to the then residents of the island Legend says that the village was abandoned during the Ottoman Rule, despite that it is not confirm it is believe that this was due to epidemics that hit the villages of Troodos contributing to their depopulation.

Krios potamon (river), a tributary of Diorizos passes through the village. At the centre of the village there's a historical cooking 'oven' that was used back in the days for the production of pottery, mainly huge jars.

According to the Code B' of Kyrinia Metropolis notes, in 1773, the area was then transferred to the ownership of Ioannis Lambadistis Monastery. The reestablishment of the village belongs to a family coming from the neighbor village 'Tris Elies', who bought the monastery and subsequently owned the area of Ayios Demetrios. The village was then endowed to Maroudia, the sister of Chrysanthos, the Bishop of the city of Paphos.

Village's name:

The village was named Ayios Demetrios by the homonymoys church.


Reports online dated from 2002 report that residents in the village are 50 to 60 . During our visit in December 2019, we asked the locals and we got informed that less than 30 residents live in the village during that time.


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